Ends on March 29, 2019

Welcome to the 5th Annual Manhattan Borough Arts Festival 2019

In recognition of the 5th Annual Manhattan Borough Arts Festival we are putting a twist on this year's application!

The number five (5) is an historical and influential number in many contexts of human existence and expression. In mathematics it is the only prime number that is the sum of two consecutive primes (2+3) and the only Fibonacci number equal to its position. In athletics it is the number of the Olympic Rings and the number of positions on a basketball team. In science, hurricanes and tornadoes are rated on a scale of 1- 5. In biology we have 5 senses and 5 fingers and toes on our hands and feet. In literature and entertainment there are countless examples including the Founding 5 Avengers, the 5 wizards in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Slaughterhouse-Five. For all major religions and cultures the number 5 holds significance. Examples include the 5 Traditional Elements of the Universe in Hinduism, the 5 sacred wounds of Jesus in Christianity, the 5 Precepts in Buddhism, prayer 5 times a day in Islam, and the 5 books of the Torah in Judaism. Cleary the history of “5” has significant implications for our human existence and creativity.  

With this in mind, we are posing an artistic challenge for this year's festival: 

What inspiration and meaning in your own life do you derive from the number 5? How can you express it artistically?

We offer this as an OPTIONAL SUGGESTION to celebrate this year's anniversary. This is NOT A MANDATE for application to the festival. Think big (or small) and wow us!  

The Performing Arts Showcase will take place June 13, 2019 at Harlem's World Famous Apollo Theater.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2019 

  • Only licensed DOE art specialists are eligible to enter submissions.
  • Each school may submit up to three (3) student applications. Music, Dance, and Theater ensemble or group performances from students in grades 3-12 can apply.
  • Complete this form once for each performance you wish to enter in the competition.
  • Performances may not exceed 5 minutes.

For Performance Submissions Only: Reflection Questions (Please prepare these in advance.)

  • Teacher: 
    • What understandings do you hope your students are taking away from the experience of learning and performing this piece? Both musical and non-musical.
    • Did you do the "number 5" challenge? If yes, please explain how you included "5." 
  • Student (Please pick 2 students to respond):
    • How did performing this piece push you to think creatively?
    • How did this piece challenge you individually and as a group?

For Emcee Submissions

Click here to view an example of the emcee's role.

  • Create a 5 minute video audition and have ready to upload before starting application.
  • Video must include the following:
    • Introduction with name, age, school, and explain why you would be the right choice as an emcee for this festival
    • Give a statement sharing your opinion as to why arts education in public schools is personally important both to you and to your fellow students.
    • In your own words, show us how you would introduce the act! This is your chance to share your original voice as an emcee. Be sure to include the following information - school name, PS 175, and performance title, “Seasons of Love”

    Click here to view an example of the emcee's role.

For technical questions about the application, email support@submittable.com

For content questions, email ManhattanBAF@schools.nyc.gov