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Welcome to the 7th Annual Bronx Borough Arts Festival 2021 Application

Festival Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Before you begin the online application, please read these guidelines in its entirety. Please complete a form for each student artwork you wish to enter in the festival. Answers cannot be edited once you have submitted this form however you can save a draft prior to submitting, so please review your answers when inputting.

If accepted into the festival, the spelling on the application will be the spelling in the catalog, playbill, and/or title card.  Please double check the spelling of student names.  Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Do not send submission videos, images, or student reflections via email as they will not be considered as part of a complete submission.

Any questions? Please email BronxBAF@gmail.com.


- 2D, 3D artwork and video from Bronx students in grades Pre-K to 12

- Each school may submit up to 5 (five) works per Certified Visual Arts specialist

- Please ensure the artwork you are submitting to the festival is not a duplicate artwork submitted to PS Art

- Please complete a form for each student and work you wish to enter in the competition

- Have 1 (one) high resolution JPEG image file(s) of your student artwork, no larger than 2MB, ready for upload (3-D works, you may upload up to three (3) images), this will be the image used on the website if the work is selected

- Artwork should represent the best student-created classroom work produced this academic year

- Please refer to the grade appropriate Blueprint Benchmarks to help guide decision making regarding submission choices


- A panel of NYC art educators will adjudicate the submissions

- Individual expressiveness, technical proficiency as well as thoughtfulness in answering the Student Reflection Questions will be considered

- Due to space limitations, it is not possible to guarantee representation of every school. Our committee will do its best to assure even representation amongst Districts 7-12 and D75

Student Artist Reflection Questions

(Video statements are preferred, though written answers are accepted)

Please have your student(s) respond as thoughtfully as possible to the following three questions, they will be considered part of your submission.  For group submissions, please select one or two students to answer the following questions. 

Elementary Artist Reflection Questions:

  1. When people look at your work, what do you want them to think or feel?
  2. Why do you think this work is good? What were some choices you made to change or revise the piece?
  3. Why do you like to make art?

Middle/High School Artist Reflection Questions

  1. What difference does expressing yourself through art make in your life?
  2. As an artist, what was challenging about creating this piece and how did you overcome this challenge?
  3. Why do you think this work is successful?

Student Permission Form

New this year, completed permission forms are required as part of the application. An upload of a signed permission form or a screenshot from a parent/guardian's email will be permitted.

Click here for more information and to download the student permission form.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.